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Wire/Blade 3D cutting software

almaCube allows you to optimize the cutting of raw material blocks with a wire (foam, etc.) or a blade (wood, stone, etc.)

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3D nesting software for volume cutting (foam, stone, wood, etc.)

almaCube is a powerful 3D nesting software intended for professionals specialized in cutting materials such as foam, polystyrene, polyurethane, marble, wood but also deep-frozen food. From a set of raw-material blocks and a set of outputs to be produced, almaCube automatically calculates the 3D layout using a powerful optimization algorithm. This results in an optimized use of material, and therefore, significant material and time savings.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • Material and time savings: almaCube allows you to quickly create very compact 3D assemblies  
  • True 3D nesting instead of a plain layer piling-up
  • Optimized use of material both in terms of filling of a single block and of selection of the best blocks
  • Management of cutting process requirements
  • Easy coupling with Production Management and ERP systems
  • Easy to use.

Main functions:

  • Production management and ERP interface
  • Management of minimum and maximum requests
  • Minimization of offcuts and generation of reusable offcuts
  • Priority re-use of offcuts
  • Multiple outputs management
  • Selection of the best material to use
  • Selection of optimization time
  • Cutting plans adapted to the functional characteristics of the machines (edge to edge cutting, etc.) and to the different cutting technologies (wire, blade, saw, etc.)


Possibles applications:

  • Cutting of foam blocks (mattresses, seats, cushions, etc.)
  • Cutting of marble, granite, limestone, dolomite blocks (gravestone, ashlars)
  • Cutting of fallen trees (beam, rafter, joist, timber, etc.)
  • Cutting of graphite sheets
  • Cutting of parallelepiped metal blocks (steel, copper, aluminum, cast-iron, etc.)
  • Cutting of polyester, polyethylene, polyurethane, polystyrene, PVC, rubber, etc.
  • Cutting of frozen food
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