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Solutions for software developers or publishers

In the sheet-metal working/robotics CAD/CAM market, Alma is the only publisher to sell an application software and some of its algorithms in the form of software components. These components can be integrated to applications developed by third parties: for example, CAD/CAM software developers/publishers working on specific market segments or manufacturers developing their own software.

Through a custom-made partnership, software publishers can also choose to integrate to their offer an existing Alma application software.

Designed as tool boxes, our components are delivered in the form of mathematics libraries. We supply the development license, its documentation (explaining the APIs), together with a follow-up service (assistance, maintenance and product updating), enabling us to accompany the developers over time.

Alma markets three software components:


In the field of nesting for cutting: 

Powernest Lib & Powernest WS, a mathematics library that optimizes the nesting of complex-shape parts for flat cutting. PowerNest is integrated to many applications that cover most industrial sectors: textile cutting, sheet-metal cutting, ship building, folding carton, etc. 

More about our nesting software components fo complex 2D shapes >

Powernest Cube, a software component that optimizes the nesting of parallepipedic blocks.

More about our nesting software components fo 3D blocks nesting >

Powernest Cube is also available for edge to edge rectangular cutting (sheet-metal shearing, wood-panel cutting, etc.) and linear cutting (bars, profiles or tubes sawing, etc.).


In the field of robotics:

act/X, a library of activeX components that allows the development of robotics or animation applications with intervention of 3D articulated objects (process simulation, machines moving in space…), one of its strong points being its capacity to generate trajectories with obstacle avoidance.

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