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Solutions for industrial end users

A productivity solution for all technologies and users.

Piloting all technological processes relative to sheet-metal working and mechanical welding, from standard machines to the most complex installations, our user-friendly CAD/CAM software fits all production configurations and offers gains that can be immediately measured.

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Added values of our product and service offer: 

- A comprehensive software range for all machines in the workshop (2D and 3D cutting, routing, punching, flexible manufacturing system, folding, robotized welding). 

- A total command of 3D technologies (5-axis cutting, robotized cutting, tube and profile cutting, robotized welding).  

- Unequalled productivity tools:

  • Exclusive integrated optimization tools (nesting, tool path, machining sequence, robotic trajectory with collision avoidance…). 
  • Highly automated solutions.
  • Open solutions (interfaces with all CAD and ERP in the market).
  • Connate modules: quotation, sequencing…

- Solutions designed for the users:

  • Advanced customization capacities.
  • Possibility to take over the software at any time.
  • User-friendly software thanks to an intuitive “100% Microsoft Windows” user interface.
  • High-level assistance.


Why trust us?

Choosing an Alma solution also means taking advantage of the incomparable know-how of an innovative company which listens to its customers:

  • Unrivalled expertise in cutting optimization and CAM software development for the piloting of NC machines and robots.
  • Industrial experience of more than 30 years
  • Established partnerships with many suppliers of the industry (tool machine manufacturers and retailers, editors and integrators of CAD/CAM/product life management software, study and design service providers…).  
  • High-level technical assistance over time.
  • Proximity to its customers thanks to on-site local teams.


Read our customer cas studies >

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