almaCAM's key features

An integrated environment for an ultimate utilisability

almaCAM provides a new, unique and consistent environment for the data and programming process management, in which the act/cut solution is integrated. All the CAD/CAM functions (part drawing, import of CAD files, part nesting, calculation of tool paths, post-processing, etc.) are run in the same operating environment. No distinct or separate application needs to be launched. All functions are available from a consistent and intuitive user-interface using ribbons and features fully compliant with 2013 Microsoft Office SUI design guidelines.


A secure and agile programming process

One of almaCAM’s objectives is to offer a highly reactive programming solution. almaCAM provides flexible management in terms of part manufacturing: Thus, as long as the NC program has not been generated, the user can add parts to a nesting layout. The user can also easily switch from one machine to another one or from one cutting technology to another one in order to select the most convenient operating conditions to meet the manufacturing requirements.

Moreover, almaCAM provides user-guidance by automatically displaying contextual tasks to complete according to the current programming stage.

Within this scope, almaCAM includes the notion of user roles with role-based views and rights. For example, the "workshop" role allows running tasks and operations usually completed by a machine operator and including: displaying NC cutting program document, scheduling cutting tasks, managing damaged cut parts, etc.

Using its own database, almaCAM provides highly secured and traceable manufacturing and programming data management. Thanks to various invalidation mechanisms, almaCAM ensures data protection and accuracy and the successful completion of programming tasks.


An open and customizable system

As an open system compatible with existing information systems, almaCAM can interact with other applications, in particular ERP applications, by integrating data import and export functions that the user sees as almaCAM integrated functions.

almaCAM is adaptive and allows customizing database models and personalizing resources and operations. The programming process can thus be easily modified to meet specific customer needs.

Lastly, almaCAM is a platform that allows developing new applications, such as almaQuote, the quotation software for sheet metal parts. A production scheduler function including machine workload analysis will be available in almaCAM first version.

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