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Quotation software for sheet metal parts

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The universal quotation software for sheet metal parts and mechanized welding

almaQuote, via an intuitive and graphical user interface, allows quickly creating very basic quotes or more elaborated ones for sheet metal part manufacturing. almaQuote is intended for sheet metal subcontractors that must answer requests for quotation in very short delays and manufacturers looking for customized functions or applications tailored for very specific needs. almaQuote is a stand-alone product with its own databases. It can be used by any company already using or not a CAD/CAM software product developed by Alma.

Main advantages and benefits

  • A unique solution for basic quotes as well as more elaborated ones.   
  • Adaptability to customer needs thanks to various customization features.
  • Possibility to estimate parts or part sets.
  • Added-value resulting from Alma’s expertise in sheet metal manufacturing.
  • A simple and intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Backup of any documents used for the quote creation.
  • Data security and reliability resulting from the database management system.
  • Possibility to interact with any information system (ERP, CAD, CAM, etc.) thanks to data import and export functions.
  • Interoperability with act/cut and full integration into almaCAM 2D, Alma’s software product of a new generation.
  • Scalable deployment.

almaQuote allows quickly creating a quote from a few characteristics of the part to cut or to very precisely calculate the cost of the operations and supplies required for manufacturing and delivering a part or a part set. In this case, the part geometry is retrieved from a DXF or DPR file or from a pre-defined shape.

With a flexible design, almaQuote provides the possibility of creating new operations, defining or modifying parameters or formulas for the cost calculation, editing quotes and output reports. almaQuote’s workflow can also be customized, by including for example an additional validation step. Besides, the application allows managing multiple user rights.

almaQuote simplifies the quote management since  all documents used for preparing the quote – part specifications, DXF or DPR file, subcontractor proposal, etc.) are saved in almaQuote’s databases.

Following the quote preparation and edition, the list of manufacturing operations included in the quote can be reused for creating the preliminary manufacturing specifications.

For customers using act/cut, accepting a quote triggers data export into act/cut and generates a manufacturing order that launches the part manufacturing.

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