Main functions of almaCAM Tube software


  • 3D modeling of tubes and of any kind of section bars.
  • Library of predefined sections (circular, rectangular, etc.)
  • Library of extruded bars (international nomenclature).
  • Possibility of defining sections with parameterized macros.
  • Libraries of predefined shapes for the holes.
  • Possibility of defining parameterized macros for the holes.
  • Possibility of defining holes of any kind of shape.
  • Easy and user-friendly nesting of intersections.
  • Possibility of adding bevels (including thin V, thick V, thin Y , thick Y,  K and X bevels) at the modeling stage, while complying to the  machine limit specific rules (this also applies to CAD imported tubes).
  • For 4-axis machines, calculation of minimum and maximum material (this also applies to CAD imported tubes).
  • Import of 3D parts in STEP or IGES format.
  • Import of 3D models in native formats (Catia® v4/v5,  Inventor®, ProENGINEER®,SAT/ACIS®, SolidEdge®,  SOLIDWORKS®, Parasolid®, Unigraphics®) - optional feature.
  • Automatic recognition of tube sections during CAD import and possibility of modifying them (addition of holes, machining, etc.)


Launching order management and stock management

  • Preparation and management of launching orders in a "desktop" based on Windows® concepts.
  • Management of nomenclatures in the launching orders.
  • Automatic control of parts characteristics, including the sections, thickness and material.


Tube nesting

  • Optimized multiple-part nesting on multiple mother bars.
  • Optimized number of mother bars used to cut a given number of parts.
  • Management of different lengths for the mother bars.
  • Management of non-straight section cuts resulting in material savings.
  • Possibility of rotating parts around their axis according to the section.
  • Integration of the weld line position.
  • Automatic check of gaps between parts.
  • Automatic management of common cuts.
  • Operation in batch mode.


Programming of 2D machines equipped with a rotative axis

The programming of tube cutting on 2D machines is similar to the 2D programming, once the tube and its openings have been flatenned:

  • Configuration of machining attributes (lead-ins, micro-junctions, etc.) and cutting parameters for the contours to be cut,
  • Automatic or interactive sequencing of cutting operation,
  • Generation of ISO codes via a post-processor specific to the machine used.


Programming of 4-axis machines, 5-axis machines equipped with a rotative axis and robots

The programming of tube cutting is implemented within a 3D environment that enables a complete modeling of the machine and its environment, while managing all the machine kinematics aspects (speed, acceleration and specific points), regardless the number of machine or robot axes.

Main functions:

  • Automatic creation of cutting contours and lead-ins/lead-outs with management of the head orientation for beveled cutting.
  • Automatic or interactive creation of trajectories relying on a powerful algorithm resulting in optimized and collision-free paths.
  • Creation and validation of the cutting program thanks to the realistic simulation and automatic control functions using visual anomaly indicators. 
  • Generation of ISO programs using a postprocessor specific to the machine or robot used.


Support of advanced functions

  • Coupling constraints for multi-axis machines.
  • Automatic programming of loading/unloading units.
  • Tube handling by systems other than axis.
  • Management of sensors (centering of holes, etc.)


Workshop document

Generation of a workshop document specific to the cutting-tube technique and gathering all the information related to the cutting program and the part nesting on the mother bar.

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