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CAM software for robot welding

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almaCAM Weld

Offline programming software for arc-welding robots

almaCAM Weld, dedicated to the offline programming of arc-welding robots, allows you to optimize the utilization rate of your robots resulting in increased flexibility and improved productivity.

A precursor over the past fifteen years, almaCAM Weld is now the leading solution in the field of arc-welding robot offline programming and is praised by several manufacturers and integrators who propose act/weld to their customers.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • Improved productivity thanks to the offline programming (reduction of robot idle periods and reduction of programming costs)
  • Much faster than programming by teaching
  • Possibility to immediately start programming after creating the virtual models of assemblies to weld
  • Automatic search for collision-free trajectories
  • Full and realistic simulation with the complete cell which guarantees the reliability of both the cell design and cell production
  • Improved quality thanks to the integration of all the welding parameters (torch angles, stick out, etc.).
  • Reduction of programming cycle for similar parts thanks to the automatic transfer of welding programs.
  • Improved working conditions and increased safety

Product overview

Through a graphical interface, almaCAM Weld allows you to program a robot from a virtual scene and qualified welding conditions. The parts or assemblies to be welded, together with the tooling, are imported from a 3D CAD system via native or neutral formats (STEP and IGES). A specific simulator allows you to take into account all the controller parameters and to simulate the movements of the robot on the screen.

almaCAM Weld combines welder know-how together with programming and simulation tools that allow you to create programs in optimal conditions, and even to validate the design of a tooling or to study a cell set-up. In some conditions, almaCAM Weld can generate programs that will require no further touch-ups in the workshop.

A post-processor specifically adapted to the controller allows generating in robot language the programs prepared with almaCAM Weld. Thanks to specific cell and part-program sizing functions, the user can benefit from the automatic error correction functions available in the robots (shifting of trajectories via sensing of joint follow-up, laser camera, etc.). almaCAM Weld can also manage the multi-controller functions of the new models of robots, i.e. two robots and one manipulator that are synchronized.


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