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Functional description of almaCAM Punch for punching-nibbling

Remote software operation

  • Support of all technological parameters and machine configurations (including punching or combined machines)
  • Tool library management
  • Launching order management : parts and formats are grouped according to material and thickness for nesting purposes
  • Manufacturing order and format stock management (Manager optional module)
  • Connection to production management and ERP systems (Manager optional module)


CAD import and 2D geometry creation

  • Import of sheet-metal parts from any CAD system, including neutral formats (DXF, IGES, DWG, DSTV, STEP) and native formats (Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS, Catia V4/V5/V6, Creo/ProENGINEER, etc.)
  • 3D part import and unfolding (optional Unfold module)
  • Advanced function for 2D geometry creation
  • Part measuring and listing



  • Automatic or manual machining tool allocation (punching, notching, nibbling…)
  • Multiple and special tool management
  • Possibility to work in micro-junction mode
  • Automatic or manual evacuation control (trapdoor, lift, pallets etc.)
  • Part or part layout vertical and horizontal duplication
  • Possibility to save complex machining characteristics to apply them on identical parts
  • Turret management: mounting angles, possible mounting positions, clamps, accessibility zone, models (pre-configured turrets to be further completed)


Automatic and interactive nesting

  • Automatic anti-collision function taking tools into account
  • Common cut management using different tools
  • Part positioning by work areas and between clamps 


Tool path optimisation 

  • Automatic calculation of tool paths respecting the part evacuation and tool use  order
  • Interactive modification of tool or or sequence, etc.
  • Simulation of tool path
  • Common cut ensuring the evacuation of a single part at once


ISO code generation

  • Advanced post-processor builder
  • Programming with or without sub-programs
  • Cycle time calculation
  • Printing of customizable workshop documents (PDF)


almaCAM 2D optional modules

  • Unfold: 3D import and unfolding of metal sheet parts
  • Manager: cutting process management (manufacturing orders, stock, launching orders) and data import from/export to production management and ERP systems
  • almaCAM Bend : off-line programming of CN press brakes 
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