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almaCAM Punch advantages in punching-nibbling

Minimum programming times

  • The working turret is generated during part preparation, and is validated at each step of programming.
  • Automatic tool allocation according to the configurable rules. 
  • Hole geometry identification for automatic punch strikes allocation using any kind of tools. 
  • Automatic notching of various shapes and corners. 
  • Complex machining recording in a database for future re-use on similar parts.
  • Comparison between the geometry of a manufactured part and the  revised geometry of the same part.
  • Automatic nesting and sequencing of common cuts between similar parts.
  • Automatic calculation of working areas, including clamp areas to work under.


Optimized cycle times

  • Optimized sequence respecting the part evacuation and tool order (possibility to configure the sequence type per tool).
  • Possibility to perform common cuts between different tools.
  • Automatic selection of the tool generating the smallest number of strikes for notching.
  • Selection of the most appropriate nibbling tools according to the part geometry.


Significant material savings

  • Automatic nesting enabling part positioning under or around clamps.
  • Specific nesting algorithm for shearing.


Complete mastering of the technological process 

  • Management of mounting angles, clamping types, avoidance and accessibility areas according to the turret position.
  • Multi-tool or additional turret management in order to increase the number of supported tools (Trumatool).
  • Support of any kind of special tools such as roller balls, grooving and deformation tools, kick out and multi-radius tools, etc.
  • Optimized management of working areas and clamps.
  • Sheet reversal management.


Full integration to sheet metal CAM workflow for a complete automation of unfolding, cutting and bending tasks

  • 3D import of sheet metal folded parts (STEP, IGES, native formats).
  • Easy interaction with Unfold, our sheet metal unfolding module (for the import and geometry or machining modification of folded parts).
  • Plan of folding procedure generation for almaCAM Bend.
  • Possibility to operate in full automatic mode.


Support of connate processes and special peripheral devices

  • Automatic or manual control of standard evacuation systems (trapdoors, lifts) and manufacturers specific systems (Trumasort, Trumalift, Trumagrip, Amadalift, robotized evacuation etc.)
  • Support of punching/laser and punching/ shearing combined machines.


Enhanced safety around the machine, extended tool life duration and improved quality of manufactured parts

  • Tool selection according to the material and thickness.
  • Nibbling using any tool except for round, square, rectangle or oblong tool: for example, banana-shaped, multi radius, trapezoid tool, etc.
  • Automatic sheet edge cutting.
  • Optimized overlap management in punching (minimum step and overlap control).
  • Very late use of deformation tool with automatic head lifting-up or use of deformation tool at the very last moment and with simultaneous head lifting up.
  • Automatic detection and shunning of remnants resulting from  common cut.
  • Automatic avoidance of clamps in case of trajectories with rapid crossing.


Eased part preparation and handling in the workshop 

  • Part machining preparation based on a pre-defined turret model which allows limiting the number of tool changes on the machine.
  • Automatic or manual management of micro-junctions resulting in easier evacuation of complete sheets.
  • Evacuation system management (trap doors and lifts).
  • Palletizing module providing automatic functions for stack collision checking and the evacuated part sorting.
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