almaCAM Cut advantages in waterjet cutting

Significant material savings

  • Significant reduction of loss rates thanks to automatic nesting performance, resulting from several available strategies.
  • Optimized use of remnant sheets or off-cuts of any shape.
  • Optimized nesting in case of common cut.


Programming time reduced to the minimum

  • Automatic configuration of cutting parameters  and lead-ins/outs.
  • Possibility to operate in full automatic mode (for nesting and tool path generation).


Improved quality of manufactured parts

  • Optimal adjustment of cutting conditions (speed, abrasive dosage) according to various parameters (material, thickness, surface, perimeter, part geometry).
  • Automatic speed decrease in corners to ensure  the quality of the cutting results and avoid waterjet diffraction (according to the expected cutting quality and the used material and material thickness).
  • Management of pre-pierced holes at the very beginning of the process or during the whole process).


Optimized cycle times

  • Optimized and automatic calculation of tool path, including in case of common cut.
  • Automatic or interactive control of fast trajectories in head-up or head-down modes.
  • Automatic or interactive control of multi-head cutting.


Savings on consumables

  • Reduced piercing thanks to the addition of bridges between parts that enable continuous cutting.
  • Automatic control of cutting parameters (abrasive dosage, water pressure) according to the material to cut.


Ability to pilot complex or special machines

  • Support of programmable beveling heads.
  • Support of 5 axis waterjet cutting machines (with almaCAM Space Cut).


Enhanced safety around the machine and eased handling in the workshop

  • Availability of several strategies to prevent collisions between the cutting head and cut parts (or parts already cut) that may have toppled over:  head lifting up, parabolic trajectory, cut part by-pass, or use of specific sequences minimizing risky passing over cut parts.
  • Skeleton cutting management with various possible parameter settings to ease cut-off removal.
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