almaCAM Cut for waterjet

The nesting and programming software for waterjet cutting

Particularly suitable for continuous cutting whether you manage large-scale nesting or unit cutting projects, almaCAM Cut can meet any types of waterjet-cutting requirements in terms of tool trajectory, cutting speed or lead-ins/outs control. With its ability to easily adjust parameter setting to any kind of material that can be waterjet-cut, almaCAM Cut is the programming solution for your waterjet cutting machines.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • One mouse click to perform the nesting, the tool path and CNC program generation
  • Ability to convert any logo, font or picture in cutting profile thanks to Sign module (optional)
  • Nesting capabilities in remnant sheets or off-cuts of any shape
  • Automatic configuration of cutting parameters and lead-ins/outs according to the material to cut (with or without abrasive)
  • Automatic calculation of speed decrease in angles (corners)
  • Optimized pre-pierced hole management
  • Support of cutting machines equipped with multiple heads.


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