almaCAM Cut for oxy-plasma

The nesting and programming software for oxy-cutting and plasma cutting

Thanks to its ability to meet specific machine requirements, including heat constraints, involved in oxy-cutting and plasma cutting, almaCAM Cut is a powerful and flexible solution which efficiently combines automation and user interaction, when required.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • High-performance automatic nesting (in terms of efficiency and calculation time) thanks to the availability of multiple nesting strategies
  • Optimized multi-torch cutting control and ability to pilot machines equipped with programmable torches
  • Optimized use of remnant sheets or off-cuts of any shape
  • One click to perform the nesting, the tool path, and NC program generation
  • Use of several methods to reduce the number of piercings on the sheet: continuous cutting (positive or negative bridges), chain cutting, common cut between two parts
  • Efficient control of heat deformations
  • Lead-ins/outs calculation to avoid burrs
  • Ability to pilot programmable beveling heads.


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