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CAM software for 2.5 Axis CNC routing

Alma has developed specific skills for 2.5 Axis machining of materials in sheets or panels such as wood, plastic, or aluminium. act/cut for routing is an effective and high-added value solution for industrial manufacturers with strong requirements in terms of nesting. Thanks to a dedicated module, which combines automatic geometry recognition and machining, any 3D CAD-designed part in wood can be imported, prepared and programmed.

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almaCAM Routing

The nesting and programming software for wood and plastic panel routing

almaCAM Routing is a CAM solution for panels made out of non-metallic soft materials, especially wood and plastic, in small and medium batch quantities.

almaCAM Routing supports various manufacturing processes: routing of nested parts and additional machining on single parts (edge machining), routing of nested parts “top side” and “down side” with additional machining on single parts as required.

Totally independent of any CAD system, almaCAM Routing can work from any CAD-designed 3D part thanks to its functions of geometry recognition and automatic machining assignment. Moreover almaCAM 2D supports the technical constraints of a large variety of CNC routing machines and can generate programs for any of these machines.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • Geometry recognition and automatic machining assignment directly on 3D CAD parts resulting in time savings when preparing the parts  
  • One mouse click to perform the tool allocation and part nesting, optimize the machining sequencing including the  part evacuation and generate the NC program
  • High-performance automatic nesting (in terms of efficiency and calculation time)
  • Management of nested part production and complementary machining assignment on unitary parts
  • Support of any type of machining and of the technological functions of any routing machine
  • During machining assignment, identification of available machines with their functional characteristics
  • Easy configuration and possible customization during tool assignment.


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almaCAM Routing also drives aluminium sheet routing machines

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