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Try Alma’s automatic nesting with your parts!

A cloud-based application for automatic nesting.

If you are a CAD/CAM software editor, a machine manufacturer or a manufacturer equipped with cutting machines, check by yourself and with your parts the performance of our automatic nesting algorithms thanks to Powernest Demo, our cloud-based demonstrator!

Only a few clicks are required to prepare your data (parts, quantities, formats) and run the automatic nesting. Data are sent to our servers for cloud computing. Nesting results are directly displayed on your computer and you can thus easily evaluate your material savings and compare the achieved results with the ones of competing solutions.

Compared to our nesting software applications and components that provide numerous advanced and leading edge features, our demonstrator operates in a deliberately simple mode: single cutting head for continuous cutting with a minimal gap between parts, three possible rotation settings and the possibility to adjust the computation time*.

Our automatic nesting algorithms are available with:

  • almaCAM, our new CAM software suite for 2D cutting intended for end-users and designed for any kind of fluid jet cutting machines (laser, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet) as well as for 2D routing, punching-nibbling and combined-technology machines.
  • PowerNest, our software component intended for CAD/CAM software editors or cutting machine manufacturers and designed to be integrated in third-party software products.
* Longest computation times theoretically provide the best nesting results.
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