almaCAM, the new generation CAM software for sheet metal

Discover almaCAM, our new generation CAM software for sheet metal. Designed as a highly-reactive programming system for sheet metal machine-tools, almaCAM provides a collaborative and structuring programming process within an agile, open and adaptive environment.

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almaCAM Space Cut for 3D cutting

Discover almaCAM Space Cut, our new generation 3D cutting software developed for 5-axis cutting machines and cutting robots of all trademarks. Comprehensive modeling, simulation tasks, automatic search for collision-free trajectories and easy-to-use tools for management of cutting parameters, our 3D cutting software offers unequalled programming functions for your 3D cutting machines. Cutting of 3D complex parts is made easy no matter which cutting technology is used in your workshop (plasma, laser, routing or waterjet), almaCAM Space Cut can handle any number of axes and cutting robots.

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almaCAM Tube for tubes and profile-cutting

Optimize use of your tube cutting machines, save on programming costs and time and improve productivity and product quality with an innovative and interactive tool. As a leading provider of CAM software, ALMA has developed new generation tubes and profile cutting software. almaCAM Tube is a comprehensive programming tool for cutting machines and robots of all trademarks. Discover the easy-to-use functions, advanced cutting programming features adapted to each phase of the tube or profile cutting process.

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act/weld - Offline programming of arc welding robots

act/weld enables you to optimize the utilization rate of your arc welding robots resulting in increased flexibility and improved productivity.

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almaCAM nesting optimization

With almaCAM, you can create efficient and optimized nesting layouts thanks to powerful algorithms and an interactive Optimization function to adjust the nesting calculation time.

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Importing a multi-DXF file with almaCAM

When using a sheet metal CAM software, processing DXF files containing multiple parts often takes time and involves manual and repetitive tasks. With almaCAM, this becomes easy and quick!

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Importing a CAD assembly in a quote with almaCAM

When using a sheet metal CAD/CAM software, processing a CAD assembly often takes time and requires several tools. With almaCAM, it becomes easy and quick to import a CAD assembly and retrieve parts quantities, to automatically recognize parts, tubes, profiles and supplies, and to add quote operations to generated parts.  

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Chamfer/Bevel programming with almaCAM

almaCAM enables you to program chamfers or bevels in full automatic mode and manages all the parameters to optimally process them according to your machine constraints, for the best cutting results.

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Nesting demonstrator tutorial

Thanks to our cloud-based demonstrator, check by yourself and with your parts the performance of our automatic nesting algorithms!

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Alma video

Discover Alma and our CAM software products.

act/cut 3d simulation

5-axis Mazak cutting machine.

act/tubes simulation

act/tubes is a dedicated and comprehensive CAD/CAM solution that can control any type of tube-cutting machines and robots.

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