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A new version of almaQuote now available.

| 06/10/2015

The version 3.1 of almaQuote, Alma’s quotation module for sheet metal and mechanized welding has just been released. It includes three major improvements: creation of quotes for tubes and profiles, follow-up process management and multiple quantity management.

Quotes for tubes and profiles

Quotes for tube and profile manufacturing can be now created in almaQuote. A specific assistant has been developed and allows specifying the tube or profile physical and machining characteristics such as bevelling or piercing.

Sections are recorded in almaQuote database with the purchase and selling prices per linear meter. Customized section types can be created if necessary. Cost calculation mechanisms and criteria are identical to the ones already available for 2D parts. Three cutting technologies are currently supported: laser, oxy-plasma and shearing.


Follow-up process management

When sending a quote, it is now possible to specify a reminder date for further follow-up. By filtering the quotes according to this field, the user can easily display quotes and the customers to follow-up by a given date.

To ease the follow-up process, this new Follow-up function and allows re-sending a proposal, rescheduling the next follow-up date and keeping records of all the follow-up actions.


Multiple quantity management

Part unit prices may vary according to the ordered quantity when fixed costs are linked to the parts. almaQuote now allows defining and including in proposals several quantities for the same part, tube, profile or set. Additionally, a discount can be defined for each quantity.


Miscellaneous improvements

Other improvements have been implemented in almaQuote 3.1 and relate to complementary operations, quote export in act/cut, multiple imports, material cost calculation, etc. User interface has also been updated to improve the product’s usability.

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