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Our customers are involved in various industries:

Subcontracting and job shops

Various companies, from large industrial groups to small companies, which are involved in the tube, profiles and sheet metal cutting sectors, have predominantly chosen Alma’s software products because of their performance and flexibility.

Agricultural & construction machinery

The largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment, public works or construction, trust Alma for the programming of their cutting machines and welding robots.

Transportation (automotive & rail) & military

Alma has been historically acting in the sector of transportation because of the perfect compliance of its software products to this industry's requirements, including continuous profile cutting, thick plate cutting and robotized welding.

Shipbuilding & pleasure boats manufacturing

Alma has been active in the shipbuilding market for more than 30 years. Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique (now STX France) actively contributed to the development of Alma’s first nesting and programming software -  a software they have been using since the...


Numerous aeronautics manufacturers and sub-contractors use a product of Alma’s software range to control their cutting machines for aluminum part routing.

Sheet metal fabrication

Thanks to a comprehensive range of software products that fit the most advanced technologies, Alma is the leading partner of sheet metal working companies, which combine various manufacturing processes and high-tech machines.

Boiler making industry

The range of Alma’s software products can answer the specific needs of boiler making companies and support any of the cutting technologies they use: oxy-cutting and plasma cutting, 2D and 3D cutting, bevel cutting, developed-shape cutting etc.

Steel construction

Thanks to their interfaces with CAD/CAM systems specialized in steel construction in particular for the import of DSTV files, and thanks to a deep knowledge in the technologies used in this sector (plasma cutting, profile cutting, combined machines, etc.),...

Industrial equipment and miscellaneous capital goods

From air-conditioning machines to elevators, industrial fans or bakery equipment, Alma’s software products are involved in the production of various manufactured products.

Wood furnishing and cabinetry

Alma has developed a unique expertise in the field of wood panel machining with manufacturers who have significant needs in terms of part nesting: furniture and sofas, pleasure boats and yachts, caravans and motor-homes, kitchen equipment, etc.
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