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Software for robotic applications development

Alma is involved in robotics through different activities: development and edition of application software for robot off-line programming, development of OEM robotics applications for external companies, and marketing of act/X software component aimed at developing robotics application or software products interacting with 3D articulated objects.


Software component enabling the development of robotics applications

act/X is an activeX component library that enables you to develop robotics software or animation applications involving 3D articulated objects (3D simulation software, robot programming software, simulation of machines moving in space, etc).

Main advantages and benefits:

  • Ability to operate in a robotic environment and to interact with machines equipped with a large number of axes
  • Powerful detection of potential collisions
  • Availability of an efficient algorithm for obstacle avoidance
  • Ability to run the application on CNC machines thanks to the 3D model optimization
  • Smooth and easy integration into  the .NET environment

Main functions:

Functions enabling you to build the user interface

  • Programming using high-level objects (menus, icons, buttons).
  • Management of windows for 3D visualization:
    • memorizing of view points (up, down, left, perspective, centered, etc.),
    • multi-window feature with display of up to 4 simultaneous views,
    • zoom,
    • rotation,
    • wireframe and mixed display,
    • object representation attributes.


3D object modeling functions

These functions are available in the act/modeler software provided with the act/X library:

  • 3D-objet modeling from volumetric primitives, facets or polynomial structures.
  • Polynomial surface modeling
  • Articulated system and robot modeling:  anthropomorphic robots, numerically-controlled machine tools, prismatic and articulated/rotary links with axis movement definition.
  • Integration of modeled robots kinematics, via the calculation of the direct and reverse kinematics.
  • Import of 3D models coming from DXF, IGES, STEP format files.


Trajectory search

  • Automatic calculation of collision-free trajectories (that take into account the security distances).
  • Generation of trajectories along complex curves.
  • Management of cells which includes several robots.
  • Integration of redundant robots.



  • Realistic robotics simulation which manages the robot specific characteristics (speed, acceleration, singular points).
  • Collision detection for all 3D objects.



  • Saving of a cell in ACT-L format (ACT language).
  • Saving of trajectories for memorization and actual use.


Tools and services provided

  • act/modeler software (tool enabling you to define the articulated geometric models).
  • Executable version including an IGES or STEP format interface to enable the import of CAD 3D files into the act/X environment.
  • Exploitation license.
  • Documentation.
  • Support.
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