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About us

Alma, a CAD/CAM software company that combines innovation and international presence

Known for over 35 years for our expertise in automatic nesting of complex shapes for cutting, we are a leading company in the field of software for sheet-metal working, cutting and robotics, and are well established worldwide.

Since the very beginning, we have been designing and developing innovative solutions to optimize material consumption and machine production capacity. We have also contributed to the development of emerging technologies by closely working with machine manufacturers. Every year, 20% of Alma’s turnover are reinvested in R&D.

Alma offers the most comprehensive range of CAD/CAM software products for any type of cutting, sheet-metal working and mechanized welding. This includes in particular: 2D cutting, punching, routing, 5-axis cutting, robotized cutting, tube and profile cutting, shearing, folding/unfolding, robotized arc welding, etc.

Our application software is marketed via a worldwide distribution network that includes country subsidiaries (Italy, Germany, China, Brazil, USA), dedicated resellers, integrators, partners, manufacturers or software publishers.
While developing applicative software, we also sell our algorithms in the form of “software components”. Both activities complement each other and benefit from our valuable technical expertise guaranteeing a complete control of our products, which enables us to better meet our customers’ needs.


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Our skills enable us to answer various highly-specialized needs and to propose integrated solutions that fit the multiple requirements of our customers, whether they use our applicative software, manufacture machine tools, integrate or edit software.

35 years of CAD/CAM software to help optimize production

In the early 1980's, Alma develops an automatic nesting and programming software for CNC cutting machines (photo Chantiers de l'Atlantique).
1979, creation of Alma: Researchers in Applied Mathematics design the first automatic nesting software to save on raw material when cutting textile, metal sheets, etc.

Key facts about the Alma group

Alma is a major player in the international CAD/CAM market, specialized in sheet-metal working, cutting and robotics, directly established in 8 countries (France, Italy, Germany, China, Brazil, the USA, Singapore and Spain) and represented in many others th...


Whatever your profile (developer, project manager, engineer, support technician, representative, etc.), Alma offers you a motivating work environment that is technologically advanced and internationally orientated. 

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