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CAM software for 3D cutting

Thanks to a solid CAD/CAM experience in the cutting sector plus machine and robots programming skills, Alma has developed a highly-efficient solution for the programming of 5-axis cutting machines and  cutting robots.

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act/cut 3d

Programming software for 5-axis cutting machines and cutting robots

Through a simple and intuitive user interface, act/cut 3d is dedicated to the programming of any type of 3D-cutting machines regardless the number of axes or the cutting technique used (laser, plasma, waterjet, or routing). Providing support for advanced manufacturing functions, act/cut 3d can meet any kind of requirements, including high-level manufacturing requirements for the cutting of complex parts.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • Comprehensive modeling of the machine and its environment
  • Reduction of programming cycle thanks to powerful functions automating the creation of cutting trajectories, the definition of lead-ins/lead-outs and the sequencing of cutting profiles 
  • Reduction of cycle times
  • Automatic search for collision-free trajectories
  • Realistic simulation of the cutting sequence and visualization of possible anomalies (speed, collisions, accessibility, job tolerance)
  • Management of cutting parameters in database material/thickness
  • Easy-to-learn and use: simplified control panel,  easy object handling, clear and simple display of cell objects, cutting profiles, and programs using tree-views
  • Extension to other technological processes such as laser welding and polishing.

Product overview

Based on an accurate 3D representation of the machine (including  kinematics or axis limit elements) and its environment, act/cut 3d, thanks to automatic geometry analysis functions, can automatically define the cutting contours for CAD-imported parts.

Using a powerful algorithm that optimizes the paths while avoiding collisions, act/cut 3D generates the tool head trajectories. It also allows you to automatically model the tooling from the 3D model of the part to cut.

With act/cut 3d, you will easily create and validate NC programs thanks to realistic simulation and automatic control functions combined with display features for visualizing anomalies.

act/cut 3d is an autonomous programming software that can interact with machines and robots of any trademark and be used with complementary software products of act/ range:

  • For the cutting of flat metal sheets by 5-axis machines, 2D programming modules are provided with act/cut 3d.
  • For the cutting of tubes, act/tubes is available as an optional component and provides the required specific functions (modeling, nesting and programming). 


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