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CAM software for 2D cutting

act/cut software suite is an integrated programming solution designed for any kind of fluid jet cutting machines (laser, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet) as well as for 2D routing, punching-nibbling and combined-technology machines. Whichever the machines you operate, act/cut is optimally configured to rationalize your programming process while taking into account the specificities of each technology or machine.


The nesting and programming software for cutting

Supporting a wide range of machine and technology requirements at every step of programming - from part preparation to the NC code generation, including nesting and tool path definition - act/cut can pilot any types of machines.

Providing unique nesting algorithms that fit any type of cutting needs, act/cut significantly decreases material loss rates and improves productivity. 

Whenever possible, the software operates in full automatic mode. However, in very touchy situations, act/cut, in order to ensure the most efficiency, operates in interactive mode, and the user makes the final decision.

Open and customizable, act/cut imports part geometries from any CAD software and easily interacts with Production Management Systems or ERP solutions.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • Support of machines of any types and brands
  • Support of any cutting technology requirements (laser, plasma, water jet etc.)
  • Powerful nesting algorithms and optimized tool path research
  • Automatic user assistance at any stage of the programming and ability to work in full automatic mode
  • Easy-to use
  • Software openability (interaction with various 2D/3D CAD systems and Production Management Systems or ERP solutions)
  • Available built-in customization tools
  • Availability of complementary and task-oriented modules: metal sheet part unfolding/folding, libraries of  3D and 2D shapes, letter and drawing cutting, stock and manufacturing order management.


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